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Information on the treatment of personal data

Transfer’s Kingdom Cerami S. is an Italian company and this statement refers to the privacy regulation under IT law. 
Law in IT, which contains provisions for the safeguarding of persons and other subjects concerning the processing of personal data, which has introduced a new Code on the matter of protection of persona data. To this end, 
Transfer’s Kingdom Cerami S. company with registered office in Mendrisio. in its capacity of Data controller is obliged to provide some information concerning the use of personal data furnished by her, or otherwise purchased in the sphere of its own activity.

1. Personal data sources
The personal data that are in Transfer’s Kingdom Cerami S. possession are sent by the user at the moment of registration and start of use of our services or gathered from third parties, in case, for example, that data are purchased from external companies in order to obtain commercial information, market research or direct offers for products and services. For this last type of data a report on their registration act will be provided not later than the time of their first use. In any case, all these data will be treated with respect of the abovementioned law and of the obligation of confidentiality.

2. Purposes of data processing:
The personal data that you have provided are processed in the sphere of the normal activity of Transfer’s Kingdom Cerami S. and for the following purposes:
enhancement and support for access;
enabling execution of the transaction that the customer is carrying out;
to enforce the rules of law;
for operative or management needs;
to provide information and/or offers on the services of Transfer’s Kingdom Cerami S., as well as its commercial partners and outsourcers provide and which can be considered of interest for the user, without this determining the transfer of data to third parties;
verify and improve the quality of the offered services, offering also after sales services;
send advertising messages and information regarding her own products and initiatives and those of third parties;
elaborate market research and statistics, marketing and research for product preferences.

3. Data processing methods
In connection with the abovementioned purposes, the processing of the personal data takes place through manual, computerized and telematic tools with logics that are striclty connected to these purposes and in a way to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data. 
The data processing takes place through appropriate tools in order to guarantee the security and confidentiality and can also be carried out through automized instruments which are suitable to memorize, manage and transmit these data.

4. Providing data is optional and the possible refusal to provide these data could lead to a complete or partial non implementation of the contract or the non continuation of the relationship.

5. The personal data processed by Transfer’s Kingdom Cerami S. will not be released.

Rights of the parties concerned grants the parties concerned specific rights. In particular, the parties can obtain confirmation that their data is being held, and that these data will be provided to them in a comprehensible way. The third party may furthermore request the origin of the personal data, their purposes and processing methods; the logic applied in case of electronic data processing, the essiantal identifying data of the Data controller and the person responsible; he can request that they are erased, made anonyous or demand that data in held in violation of law be blocked, demand that they be may be updated, corrected, or, if this is in their interest, request the integration of data; and such parties may also object, for legitimate reasons, to data that concern them being processed also with the purpose of sending advertising material or direct sales. 
The rights in hand can be exercised also through a delegate, by sending a request addressed to the person responsible by letter. In exercising his rights, the third party can delegate or grant power in attorney in writing to a natural person, public bodies, assocations and organizations. The third party can also be represented by a person of confidence. 
Further information can be requested, in writing, from Transfer’s Kingdom Cerami S., with its legal seat in 
The Data controller is Transfer’s Kingdom Cerami S.

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